Fans stunned as Diljit Dosanjh’s alleged secret marriage surfaces

Speculation surrounding the marital status of Diljit Dosanjh, the renowned Punjabi singer and actor, has ignited a buzz on the internet, sparking intense discussions among fans and media circles.

The conjecture gained momentum after an old interview resurfaced featuring Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, who inadvertently hinted at Diljit’s fatherhood. This led eagle-eyed fans to uncover a supposed wedding picture of the beloved singer, further fueling speculation about his personal life.

Adding to the intrigue, reports began circulating suggesting that Diljit might be secretly married to Punjabi singer Nisha Bano, with some speculating about the possibility of a child from this alleged union. Despite the widespread speculation, Diljit himself has chosen to remain tight-lipped on the matter, leaving fans and the media to decipher the truth behind the rumors.

In a recent development, Nisha Bano, who appears in the viral wedding photograph alongside Diljit, has stepped forward to address the speculation. Taking to her social media platform, Nisha humorously dismissed the rumors by clarifying that she is actually married to Sameer Mahi.

Diljit dosanjh

With a touch of humor, she remarked, “Hahahaha koi menu v puchlo, mai ave hi wife bnati…” (Somebody should ask me as well, they have made me somebody’s wife…), shedding light on the comical aspect of the situation.

While Diljit Dosanjh remains silent on the swirling rumors about his marital status, the speculation has captured significant attention, with fans eagerly awaiting any clarification from the acclaimed artist himself. Meanwhile, amidst the personal life speculation, Diljit continues to focus on his professional endeavors, including an anticipated collaboration with Saweetie titled “Khutti” and projects like “Crew” and “Chamkila,” slated for theatrical and OTT releases.

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