Outrage over alleged police killings sparks chaos in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, anger erupted following the alleged killing of three villagers in Khanot area of Jamshoro district. Relatives of the deceased went on a rampage at Liaquat University Hospital (LUH) where they had come to collect the bodies. They accused the Khanot police of cold-blooded murder and vandalized the MLO section, offices of MLO Dr. Wasim, police surgeon, and additional police surgeon.

Viscera jars and the mortuary gate were damaged as the crowd tried to access the bodies. Upon learning of the violence, anti-terrorist force (ATF) personnel and Market police rushed to the scene, only to be attacked by the mob. Aerial firing was used by the police to disperse the crowd, and eventually, order was restored by Rangers personnel.

Dr. Waqar, the LUH police surgeon, reported damage to the accounts section computer and interference with medico-legal formalities. The deceased were identified as Munawar Mallah, Deedar Solangi, and Dilbar Majeedano, with conflicting accounts of their deaths: the protesters claimed they were shot by police after a vehicle accident, while the police asserted they were killed in an encounter as suspected highwaymen.

An FIR will be filed against those involved in the violent incidents and the attack on police outside LUH.

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