Torkham border closed after clash between FIA and FC

In Khyber, an altercation occurred between six Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) personnel and Pakistani border guards at Torkham on Sunday, resulting in injuries to the FIA officers. This led to the closure of the border crossing for over four hours as immigration staff protested against the assault and interference in their duties.

Conflicting reports emerged from both the FIA and the Frontier Corps (FC), each accusing the other of misconduct and undue interference. The immigration staff, including one of the injured officers, alleged that border guards compelled them to allow an Afghan national to cross without proper immigration procedures, citing a fake travel document. Security personnel allegedly assaulted the FIA officers who objected, followed by a group entering FIA premises to beat up staff, leaving six injured.

Video footage circulated on social media depicted security personnel using sticks against FIA staff, with cries of pain audible. Amidst the chaos, laborers, porters, and Afghan nationals, including women and children, sought refuge.

The injured FIA personnel were named as Arif, Amjad, Zulfiqar, Mehmud, Anbar Shah, and Herpal Singh, with three taken to a local hospital and the rest detained by security forces before being released to FIA custody. Meanwhile, the FC accused FIA staff of accepting bribes to allow Afghan nationals without proper documentation into Pakistan.

An FC statement claimed that recent arrests of undocumented Afghans led to tensions, with FIA staff impeding security officials’ access and allegedly using offensive language. Investigations were initiated to uncover the truth behind the incident, and efforts were made to ensure smooth immigration processes and prevent illegal border crossings.

After several meetings between FC and FIA officials, the border crossing reopened with a commitment to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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