On-screen nikkahs: Faysal Quraishi calls for religious clarification

Does an on-screen nikkah hold weight off-screen? Faysal Quraishi begs to differ. The renowned actor has recently chimed in on the debate surrounding the depiction of nikkah scenes in dramas.

The controversy sparked after a religious scholar suggested on a television show that if two actors perform a nikkah scene in a drama, their union would be recognized as valid in real life. This assertion has ignited a fervent discussion, with voices from the entertainment industry and social media influencers joining in.

Faysal’s remarks, shared by his wife Sana Faysal on her Instagram Stories, playfully teased the actor about his frequent on-screen marriages in dramas. “Considering you’ve been married 3-4 times in every recent drama of yours, you must have quite a few wives by now,” Sana jokingly remarked in the video.

Responding to the controversy, Faysal maintained a cautious stance, underscoring the necessity of seeking guidance from religious authorities on such matters. “I posed this question to religious scholars on my program as well,” he explained. “Their response was that unless the proper nikkah protocols are followed — such as obtaining permission and explicitly using the term ‘nikkah’ — one remains unaffected.”

Expanding on his stance, Faysal stressed the significance of adhering to certain religious protocols. He emphasized that during the filming of nikkah scenes, conversations with the cleric often revolve around trivial matters until the crucial ‘Qabool hai?’ moment.

Recognizing the gravity of the issue, Faysal emphasized the importance of initiating a thorough discussion and seeking clarification from religious authorities. “This is a matter of great significance; it shouldn’t be taken lightly,” he asserted. “A comprehensive debate should be conducted, and I will engage with cleric friends to ensure a clear fatwa is issued.”

Prior to Faysal’s remarks, model and actor, Nadia Hussain voiced her concerns on Instagram regarding the scholar’s statement. In a detailed video, Nadia expressed disbelief at the notion, highlighting the fictional nature of nikkah portrayals in dramas.

She pointed out the use of fabricated names, witnesses, and signatures in these scenarios, asserting that they do not align with the requirements of a legitimate marriage ceremony. Nadia cautioned against the potential repercussions of such statements, warning that they could wrongly validate invalid marriages.

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