SHO suspended after robbery victim dies fighting back in Johar Chowrangi

On Friday, Sindh Home Minister Ziaul Hasan Lanjar took action by suspending the station house officer (SHO) of Shahrah-e-Faisal Police Station following the tragic death of a 38-year-old individual during a robbery resistance in Karachi’s Johar Chowrangi area.

Lanjar expressed strong condemnation, labeling such incidents as unacceptable failures in controlling the escalating street crimes. The victim, Rahber Ali, aged 38, lost his life late Thursday night after resisting a robbery attempt, resulting in fatal gunfire from the snatchers.

Police reports indicate that citizens apprehended the robbers and resorted to violent measures against them. One robber was apprehended with injuries while the other managed to escape.

Karachi has witnessed a surge in street crimes, with six individuals losing their lives in robbery resistance incidents during the month of Ramadan alone. Furthermore, 47 citizens have fallen victim to snatching incidents in Karachi this year. Police data reveals that six robbers were killed in 75 police encounters, and 93 suspects were arrested with injuries.

Akhtar Hussain, the father of the deceased Rahber Ali, shared with the media that his son was employed in online banking and food delivery, describing him as a compassionate individual who supported his younger siblings.

Hussain lamented the poverty-driven motives behind such robberies and criticized the ineffectiveness of law enforcement agencies, expressing his anguish over the dire state of living in Pakistan.

Rahber’s son, speaking to journalists, remembered his father fondly as a supportive figure who encouraged him to pursue his dreams, emphasizing his father’s love and lack of strictness.

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