Toba Tek Singh: Harrowing details emerge of girl strangled by brother and father

The body of a  girl, allegedly strangled by her brother and father in Toba Chak 477 JB Allowal in the name of honor, was exhumed on Thursday. Following an autopsy, authorities sent it to the Punjab forensic lab.

DPO Ibadat Nisar informed the media that there were suspicions that the girl, Maria, had been molested by her brother Faisal and father Abdul Sattar, resulting in her pregnancy, which led to the planned murder. It was revealed that Faisal’s brother recorded a video of the incident and reported it to the police.

A murder case was registered against the two brothers and their father based on a complaint by Sadr Police Sub-inspector Ahmad Raza, leading to the arrest of all three. Pending a report from the forensic lab, the method of murder and the girl’s pregnancy will be confirmed.

Additionally, Faisal’s sister-in-law revealed during investigations that she had been threatened by him, stating that she and her children would be killed if she disclosed the incident to anyone. It is important to note that the incident occurred between the night of March 17 and 18.

In a country where women are constantly told to stay indoors for their own protection, it’s sickening to witness that their own homes fail to provide them with safety.

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