Karachi’s frustration mounts as promises go unfulfilled and basic needs ignored

The Sindh government has mocked the citizens of Karachi by merely changing the names of a few districts in the city. The Information Secretary of the Grand Democratic Alliance, Sardar Abdul Rahim, stated in a press release that Karachiites are fed up with the deception of the PPP Government.

Instead of a name change, the people of Karachi need clean drinking water, maintained roads, protection from street crimes and robberies, safeguards from police high-handedness, education, public health, affordable food, and essential items, which the ruling authorities have failed to provide.

Rahim further mentioned that the current ineffective government is a continuation of the previous failed PDM coalition government. He emphasized that the government’s failure to focus on people’s basic problems, coupled with the closure of gas and the further increase in petrol prices during Ramadan, has made the common man’s life miserable.

Rahim reminded the government of its promises made during their election campaign regarding the allowance of 300 units of free electricity. He said that the people of Pakistan, especially Sindh, are eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of their promise of 300 units of free electricity.

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