Malaysia arrests three suspects accused of providing firearms to Israeli man

According to Malaysian police, three individuals have been apprehended on suspicion of supplying firearms to a 36-year-old man with an Israeli passport who was detained in Kuala Lumpur.

The man, found with six handguns and 200 bullets, arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport from the United Arab Emirates on March 12 using a purportedly fake French passport. Upon interrogation, he surrendered his Israeli passport and disclosed that he had acquired the weapons in Malaysia using cryptocurrency.

The Israeli embassy in Singapore has not yet responded to inquiries. Notably, Malaysia and Israel lack diplomatic relations. While authorities have not ruled out the possibility of the man being linked to Israeli intelligence, he claims to have entered Malaysia to resolve a family dispute with another Israeli citizen.

However, Malaysian police remain skeptical of his explanation, particularly as he stayed at multiple hotels during his time in the country. Three Malaysians, including a married couple, were arrested for allegedly supplying weapons and serving as drivers for the Israeli suspect.

One pistol was recovered from the couple’s car. Security measures have been heightened for prominent Malaysian figures following the arrest. Malaysia, predominantly Muslim, has been vocal in its support for Palestinians and critical of Israel’s actions in Gaza. The country hosts approximately 600 Palestinian refugees, as reported by the UN refugee agency.

In 2018, a Palestinian scientist was fatally shot in Kuala Lumpur, with Hamas suggesting Israeli involvement, an allegation denied by Israel.

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