Did Sunita Marshall consider eloping amidst family disapproval of Hassan Ahmed?

During a recent appearance on Zabardast, Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed, well-known figures in the entertainment industry, talked about the early stages of their relationship, which faced significant challenges.

Sunita calmly recounted the difficulties they encountered, particularly with her Catholic family’s initial opposition to her marrying outside their faith. Describing the pivotal moment, the Pinjra star explained, “When I informed my parents about our intention to marry, they strongly objected.”

Determined to get their approval, Sunita went to visit England for three months, where her parents lived, in an effort to convince them. Fortunately, her efforts paid off, and her family eventually embraced the union, leading to Sunita and Hassan deciding to tie the knot.

Highlighting her deep-seated family values, Sunita affirmed that she would never have pursued the marriage without her parents’ consent. “I never considered eloping; it goes against my beliefs,” she asserted.

With her family’s blessing secured, Sunita and Hassan tied the knot. They have a son and a daughter. Approaching their sixteenth anniversary, Sunita attributes the success of their union to Hassan’s loving nature and her own composed temperament.

“Hassan’s affection and compliance have been crucial,” she expressed. “As for me, I approach life with a calm demeanor.”

Amid an industry known for straining relationships, Sunita and Hassan have maintained a strong bond bolstered by mutual respect and admiration. Their collaboration in the popular drama Baby Baji serves as evidence of their enduring partnership.

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