Zainab Qayyum openly talks about marriage plans

Zainab Qayoom, fondly known as ZQ, sparked discussions during a recent appearance on a Ramadan show, openly talking about marriage plans and personal fulfillment. The former Pakistani model and presenter shared honest thoughts on relationships, highlighting her trust in faith and destiny.

In a conversation with co-host Nadia Khan and actor Aijaz Aslam, Zainab offered a peek into her perspective on discovering love later in life. When asked about her stance on marriage, she responded with a mix of introspection and submission to divine decree.

“I have entrusted it to Allah,” she said. Zainab further delved into her approach to marriage, emphasizing how one’s outlook evolves with age. “As you age, you become more entrenched in your ways,” she noted. “It’s quite challenging. It might require a miracle.” Despite any longing she may have, she doesn’t burden herself over what may not be destined for her. “I communicate with God, I pursue what I love, and I interact with diverse, fascinating people on sets. I am content.”

Touching on the topic of proposals, Zainab questioned Aijaz if she gives off an “unapproachable vibe.” She mentioned, “I believe my prayers have been answered. I told Allah that I am not adept at judging character, considering my past experiences. I said, ‘Whatever You send my way should reach me. Otherwise, let it pass by.’ It’s been thirteen years since my first divorce.” She concluded, acknowledging that this has been her journey thus far. “I can’t hasten or exceed what is fated,” Zainab remarked.

Her honest comments reveal the complexities of managing societal expectations and personal desires, especially in relationships and marriage.

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