Save the date: Kaavish is dropping something new on April 10!

Kaavish, the renowned Pakistani band, has recently caused a stir among fans with a mysterious teaser on their Instagram account, hinting at an upcoming release.

The band’s official handle shared a captivating image of a sunlit room adorned with musical instruments, accompanied by the date “10th April, 2024” in the caption. This cryptic announcement has sparked widespread speculation among fans, who eagerly await the significance of the date.

This teaser follows Kaavish’s return to the live music scene earlier this year. Comprising the original maestros Jaffer Zaidi and Maaz Maudood, along with bassist Khalid Khan, guitarist Awais Kazmi, and drummer Louis J Pinto, the semi-classical band made waves with their social media announcement, declaring “Kaavish has gone live!”

Their resurgence gained momentum last June with the release of a studio version of their hit song Faasle, reigniting fervor for their distinctive sound and indicating sustained demand in the music market. Now, with the tantalizing hint of a new song on the horizon, fans anticipate another musical masterpiece from the iconic band.

Established in 1998, Kaavish is renowned for soul-stirring tracks such as Bachpan, Tere Pyaar Mein, Moray Sayyaan, and Nindiya Re.

While details about the new music remain undisclosed, news of Kaavish’s return to the live scene has brought solace and excitement to fans. The band’s artistic prowess and ability to evoke deep emotions through their music ensure a celebratory welcome, marking a new chapter in their illustrious musical journey.

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