Nazish Jahangir urges seniors to drop their jealousy of young actors

Pakistani actress Nazish Jahangir recently caused a stir with her outspoken remarks on jealousy among senior figures in the entertainment industry.

During her appearance on The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo, Nazish openly tackled various industry issues, including online attention, advances from male colleagues, and the necessity of authenticity.

In the interview, the 29-year-old candidly discussed the jealousy she has encountered from certain senior actors, highlighting a troubling aspect of the industry.

Without naming individuals, she noted, “It’s people within your own industry who are jealous of you for no good reason. Like you are way too senior,” indicating that such feelings are widespread. She added, “All I can say is that there are many people like this.”

Expressing disappointment at observing jealousy among seniors, the Inaam-e-Mohabbat actor stressed the importance of maintaining mutual respect. “We respect you a lot as our seniors. I don’t think they should show us a side to them that disappoints us,” she emphasized, underscoring the need for a positive and supportive environment within the industry.

Nazish also shared insights into her personal philosophy, advocating for authenticity and individuality. She explained, “It’s not about me in particular. I feel that if there are five people in a room and one of them is a negative energy, they will affect the whole room’s atmosphere which is not right.”

Furthermore, she urged everyone to embrace their unique identities, stating, “I think everyone needs to understand: I am me, you are you. You cannot be me and I cannot be you. Understanding this will make your life run smoothly, you won’t be in any race, no pressure.”

In a poignant moment, Nazish appealed to her peers, saying, “Please don’t be jealous. If I say I am very pretty in every interview, it’s because I feel I have a right to take pride in that but so do you. We are all very pretty.” Her words echoed a call for unity and self-assurance in an industry often marked by competition and insecurity.

Earlier, the actress disclosed that many people have told her she bears a strong resemblance to Bollywood actor Kriti Sanon. During a Q&A session on her Instagram last year, Nazish acknowledged the comparison, revealing that fans frequently mention her resemblance to Kriti.

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