Indonesia stands with Palestine & denies diplomatic plans with Israel

Jakarta has refuted claims of intending to establish diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv, contrary to Israeli media reports suggesting such a move was tied to Indonesia’s bid to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation.

Despite being the first Southeast Asian nation seeking membership in the 38-nation forum, Indonesia’s accession talks faced objections from Israel due to the absence of diplomatic ties. According to Israeli sources, there were alleged discussions brokered by the OECD, implying Indonesia’s recognition of Israel in exchange for support in joining the group.

However, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed these reports, affirming no plans for diplomatic ties with Israel, especially amid ongoing conflict in Gaza. The ministry reiterated Indonesia’s steadfast support for Palestine’s independence through a two-state solution and condemnation of Israeli occupation.

Indonesia has been vocal on the international stage, advocating for accountability for Israel’s actions and urging an end to military support. Mass public protests in Indonesia reflect widespread solidarity with Palestine, grounded in constitutional principles opposing colonialism.

Political analysts emphasize the importance of maintaining Indonesia’s pro-Palestinian stance for political legitimacy and public trust.

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