Four lives lost as boat overturns in Kashmir

According to reports from the Press Trust of India, a tragic incident occurred as a boat ferrying passengers capsized in the Jhelum River near Srinagar, the main city in Indian-administered Kashmir. Sadly, four individuals lost their lives in this unfortunate event.

Most of the passengers were children en route to school. Rescue efforts are underway to find the missing individuals, estimated to be around 15, including several children.

Heavy rainfall in the Himalayan region in recent days led to increased water levels in the river, exacerbating the situation. Witnesses recounted that the boat’s guiding rope snapped under the force of the fast-flowing water.

Srinagar District Magistrate Bilal Mohi-ud-Din Bhat confirmed that rescue teams are actively involved in the operation to gather further details. In this region where road traffic can be challenging, many commuters, including office workers and schoolchildren, opt for the river route in the mornings.

While accidents are not uncommon on the hazardous roads of the mountainous area, incidents involving passenger boats are rare. Nonetheless, overcrowded vessels with insufficient safety measures pose risks.

Last year, a tragic incident in Kerala state, southern India, claimed the lives of 22 people when a double-decker boat carrying over 30 passengers capsized near a beach.

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