Israeli strike kills Hezbollah commander in south Lebanon

The Israeli military conducted an airstrike on Tuesday in south Lebanon, targeting a Hezbollah commander, Ismail Yusef Baz, in the Ain Baal area. Three Hezbollah members were reportedly killed, prompting retaliatory rocket launches by Hezbollah.

The incident is part of ongoing cross-border exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah, escalating tensions in the region. Previously, Iran had attacked Israel with missiles and drones in response to an Israeli strike on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus.

Hezbollah confirmed the death of Baz and additional casualties, launching rockets at Israeli military bases in retaliation. Earlier, Hezbollah deployed suicide drones targeting Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

The violence also included Hezbollah targeting Israeli troops with explosive devices, resulting in casualties on both sides. The conflict has claimed numerous lives and displaced tens of thousands of civilians, raising concerns about a broader escalation between Israel and Hezbollah, who last engaged in war in 2006.




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