Momina Iqbal spills the beans on cricketers sliding into her DMs

Following in the footsteps of Nawal Saeed, actress Momina Iqbal has recently revealed intriguing details about her interactions with Pakistani cricketers.

During a candid discussion on a private news channel’s Eid transmission, Iqbal shared her experiences of both online and face-to-face encounters with national cricket stars. Admitting to receiving messages on her Instagram from cricketers, she tactfully withheld any names from the public eye.

Acknowledging the natural intersections within their industries, Iqbal highlighted the casual exchanges that occur when paths cross in person. However, when pressed for specifics about the content and senders of these messages, she coyly deflected, stating, “I’ve forgotten the names.” and adding, “I don’t want to give them fame by naming anyone, so will deny identifying.”

“I don’t wish to dignify these messages by disclosing identities,” she asserted, hinting at a nuanced stance on maintaining privacy in public spaces.

Expressing her discomfort with the disparity between private and public acknowledgments of relationships, Iqbal emphasized the importance of authenticity and ownership, “I don’t like the fact that if you know someone and are good friends with them, but they refuse to accept that in public, acting all cool. They need to own the friendships or whatever relationship you have with me,” she said.

This revelation comes in the wake of similar discussions sparked by Nawal Saeed’s disclosure last year, where she hinted at flirtatious interactions with cricketers, including a suggestion of potential marital ties within the cricketing circle.

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