I fast every day: Nora Fatehi opens up about her Muslim practices

In a recent Instagram video clip, Bollywood actress and dancer Nora Fatehi opened up about her Muslim practices.

The Canadian-Moroccan star, known for her role in Street Dancer 3D, disclosed that she has observed fasting since the age of 14, a tradition instilled by her parents. She emphasized feeling a heightened sense of intuition during and after the sacred month of Ramazan.

“I fast every day, even while working,” she stated. “It’s a non-negotiable part of my faith, helping me maintain discipline and spirituality.” Fatehi stressed her commitment to balancing religious duties with her career, asserting, “I have to be spiritually inclined and respectful to my religion while fulfilling professional obligations.”

She underlined that fasting and praying are integral to her life, providing moments of connection with her creator amidst worldly chaos. Despite garnering support from her followers, Fatehi’s revelations have sparked skepticism on social media regarding the perceived disparity between her showbiz persona and religious beliefs.

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