Imran Khan shares the real reason for quitting Bollywood

Bollywood actor Imran Khan recently opened up about his decision to quit the entertainment industry. Khan emphasized the industry’s narrow emphasis on box office success and financial gains, expressing his inability to resonate with this perspective.

Speaking to Film Companion, Khan elaborated on the pervasive focus on financial aspects within the film ecosystem, encompassing publicity, PR, and management. He noted the fixation on earnings from films, endorsements, appearances, and even trivial events like ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Despite his immersion in this environment, he realized that his passion for cinema transcended monetary motives.

Regarding the impact of “Katti Batti’s” performance on his career trajectory, the actor admitted, “Yes.” He described his departure as a gradual process, evolving from weeks to months and eventually years, as he acknowledged his waning enthusiasm for the industry.

Khan expressed a willingness to explore new avenues, acknowledging the financial stability afforded by his film career. With his financial needs met, he redirected his focus towards introspection, contemplating his identity and desired lifestyle.

Reflecting on his journey, Khan remarked, “Effectively, I dedicated my 20s to building a career in the film industry. However, as I entered my 30s, I realized it wasn’t where my passion lied. Over the past decade, I’ve grappled with existential questions, seeking fulfillment in various life pursuits.”

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