Man starts donkey farm, earns lakhs monthly selling milk online

Gujarat, India: Donkeys, usually overlooked animals, are now in the spotlight because their milk is selling for a whopping 70 times more than cow milk.

Dhiren Solanki, from Gujarat, started a donkey farm in his village with 42 donkeys, making around ₹2 to ₹3 lakh every month (PKR 666,168.06 to PKR 999,252.09).

His journey began when he couldn’t find a stable job and heard about donkey farming in southern India. Eight months ago, he invested ₹22 lakh to start his farm (PKR 7,327,848.70).

At first, he struggled to sell donkey milk in Gujarat, but then he found buyers in Karnataka and Kerala, mostly cosmetic companies. He sells his milk for ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 per liter (PKR 16,654.20 to PKR 23,315.88), while cow milk goes for just ₹65.

To keep it fresh, he freezes the milk, and he even sells powdered donkey milk for up to ₹1 lakh per kilogram (PKR 333,084.03).

Now, with 42 donkeys and a total investment of ₹38 lakh (PKR 12,657,193.20), Solanki hasn’t taken any help from the government yet, but he hopes they’ll support the donkey farming sector.

Donkey milk, once prized by ancient figures like Cleopatra and Hippocrates, is gaining attention again for its health benefits. It’s similar to human milk, making it a good option for babies who can’t have cow milk.

It’s good for gut health, boosts immunity, and may help with diabetes. And unlike other milks, it lasts longer because it doesn’t have as many harmful bacteria.

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