YouTube awards gold play button to child vlogger Muhammad Shiraz

Muhammad Shiraz, a five-year-old vlogger from Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, excitedly shared on his Instagram the news of receiving the prestigious YouTube gold play button. Made from gold-plated brass, this award is granted to channels exceeding 1 million subscribers. In a series of images, Shiraz and his sister Muskan proudly display the award, radiating with joy.

A grade 1 student, Shiraz recently ventured into YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, showcasing his daily life in the scenic northern region bordering China. Friends and family join the celebration, captured in heartwarming photos. Shiraz’s endearing videos featuring his family have garnered widespread admiration, marking a significant milestone in his budding career and inspiring aspiring vloggers nationwide.

His social media presence quickly catapulted him to fame, captivating audiences beyond borders and resonating with diaspora communities. Hailing from Ghursay, a village nestled in the foothills of Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield, Shiraz offers glimpses of his community’s stone streets, Persian-style houses, and local festivities.

“I want to share my village’s beauty and lifestyle with the world. It’s just something I enjoy,” Shiraz expressed to Anadolu, citing his motivation for joining YouTube. Despite his simple storytelling and broken Urdu, Shiraz’s vlogs provide a unique insight into daily life in the eastern Karakoram mountain range, enriching viewers’ understanding of the region.

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