Oops alert! Joe Biden’s teleprompter slip-up sends internet into frenzy

A video circulating on the internet captures President Joe Biden accidentally reading an instruction from the teleprompter, sparking widespread conversation on social media.

During a speech to union members in Washington D.C., the president, aged 81, inadvertently said “pause” after the phrase “Four more years,” similar to a stage direction.

The members of North America’s Building Trades Unions followed suit by chanting “four more years” in response to Biden’s slip. It remains unclear whether this instruction was part of Biden’s teleprompter or his prepared remarks.

Here is the video:

The speech was marked by various peculiar moments, including Biden claiming that former President Donald Trump had gifted him a pair of boots despite never having worked in such footwear. Biden also made a remark about still being able to cut the yard, although the Secret Service prevents him from doing so now.

It’s uncertain if Biden intended these comments as jokes or if they were meant to be taken seriously. Additionally, Biden criticized Trump throughout the speech, suggesting that Trump looked down on blue-collar workers. Biden also made a verbal slip by incorrectly stating that he had “cut the national debt,” when he actually meant “deficit.”

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