Bushra Ansari opens up about her bond with her stepchildren

Renowned industry veteran Bushra Ansari recently shared a deeply personal revelation with her fans via her latest vlog: she is married to Iqbal Hussain. Despite being together for several years, Ansari had chosen to keep her marriage private, citing societal pressures. However, feeling it was time to embrace transparency, she introduced her husband to her followers.

In her candid vlog, Ansari addressed societal norms surrounding age-gap relationships, affirming that marrying someone older or younger is entirely acceptable. She praised her husband’s maturity, which she credits as a cornerstone of their successful union.

Reflecting on their respective pasts, Ansari revealed that while they’ve both faced challenges in previous marriages, they’ve consciously chosen not to dwell on those experiences in their current relationship.

Ansari also opened up about her relationship with Hussain’s sons, who reside in Canada for their studies, highlighting the strong bond they share despite the geographical distance. Interestingly, Ansari’s own daughter also lives nearby, fostering a close-knit familial dynamic. Their shared grandchild’s presence has further strengthened their connection, bridging the generational gap.

Here is the complete vlog:

Speaking of divorce, Ansari offered her perspective, acknowledging that sometimes relationships simply aren’t meant to last. She emphasized that divorces, though painful, are sometimes inevitable when compatibility falters, yet stressed the importance of maintaining respect and understanding throughout such transitions.

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