Iraq executes 11 ISIS militants amid tightened security measures

In Iraq this week, 11 convicts of “terrorism” were scheduled for execution, as reported by sources within the security and health sectors. Amnesty International raised concerns over what they called an “alarming lack of transparency” surrounding these executions.

Under Iraqi law, severe crimes such as terrorism and murder are met with the death penalty, with execution orders necessitating the president’s signature.

Reports from a security source in Dhi Qar province detailed that 11 individuals linked to the Islamic State group were hanged at a prison in Nasiriyah. The process was said to be overseen by a team from the justice ministry.

A local medical source verified that the health department received the bodies of the executed individuals, all from Salahaddin province. They were executed on Monday under anti-terrorism legislation, the source noted. Seven of the bodies were returned to their respective families.

In recent years, Iraqi courts have issued numerous death and life sentences for those found guilty of association with a terrorist organization, a charge carrying the death penalty irrespective of the defendant’s combatant status.

Iraq has faced criticism for what rights groups describe as rushed trials, with allegations of confessions extracted under torture.

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