Sher Afzal Marwat denounces second marriage for child as cruelty

During a recent interview with Nadir Ali, lawyer and politician Sher Afzal Marwat shared a personal account regarding his refusal to adhere to familial expectations by taking on a second wife solely to ensure the birth of a son.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in 2007, Marwat disclosed that his wife proposed the idea of him marrying again due to the absence of a son in their family after several years of marriage. In his family’s tradition, having a son through a second marriage was customary, especially while his father was still alive.

After careful contemplation, Marwat came to the decision that he couldn’t proceed with the proposal, citing concern for his wife’s well-being. He conveyed to her that he couldn’t subject her to such emotional distress.

In a notable stance advocating for women’s rights, Marwat elucidated the rationale behind his unconventional choice within his conservative familial environment. Despite his wife’s earnest suggestion, he firmly believed that subjecting a woman to such a situation was fundamentally wrong.

Furthermore, Marwat emphasized the profound cruelty inherent in bringing another woman into their lives solely for the purpose of bearing a child. He underscored the sacrifices made by a woman who leaves behind her previous life to start a new life with her husband and his family, asserting that such a decision would be unjustifiable.

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