Why does Nauman Ijaz call for ban on Pakistani dramas?

Renowned Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz has sparked a significant debate within the entertainment industry, shedding light on the damaging impact of modern television dramas on relationships. His recent remarks during an episode of a digital show have grabbed headlines and sparked widespread discussion.

In a candid moment captured on the show, Ijaz didn’t mince his words, expressing deep concern over the direction of Pakistani television content. “Our dramas are destroying relationships,” he asserted, advocating for stringent measures, including a potential ban on such content if he had the authority.

Ijaz added that quality control and accountability are necessary. Pointing to the prevalence of negative portrayals of relationships in contemporary dramas, Ijaz criticized the industry for perpetuating regressive narratives without facing significant public backlash. He warned that watching such content could influence viewers negatively.

Ijaz singled out the popular drama Nand as a prime example of the problematic portrayal of familial dynamics, denouncing its depiction of relationships as inherently negative. In contrast, he advocated for dramas with educational value, emphasizing the role of media in shaping positive societal norms.

In addition to criticizing the industry, Ijaz discussed his role selection process, stating he avoids objectionable dialogue to uphold integrity and promote positive storytelling. His words echo in the industry, reminding content creators of their power to shape societal narratives and urging for reform.

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