Aiman Khan’s doppelganger reacts to comparison, she is not happy

Aiman Khan, a celebrated actor with a significant presence on Instagram, boasts a huge Instagram following and often shares snippets of her life with fans and followers. So, when social media users stumbled upon footage of what appeared to be Aiman dancing at a wedding she wasn’t associated with, it caused quite a stir.

However, it soon revealed that it wasn’t Aiman but her striking doppelganger, Mona Liza, who caused the stir. Mona, a fellow social media influencer who shares an uncanny resemblance to Aiman, instantly took the internet by storm.

As comments flooded in, tagging Aiman to witness her look-alike, anticipation grew for Mona Liza’s response to the comparisons. Finally, breaking her silence, Mona addressed the chatter head-on, clarifying that she never sought to equate herself with Aiman.

She stressed that their similarity was just a coincidence and urged critics to stop with the negativity. Additionally, she disclosed the barrage of negative messages flooding her inbox and comments section.

In her own words:

At times, people bear such a striking resemblance to celebrities that discerning between them is not easy. Their likeness can be so uncanny that it prompts double takes and mistaken identities, blurring the lines between ordinary individuals and famous personalities.

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