Karachi girl gets a new life after heart transplant from Indian donor

A 19-year-old Karachi resident named Ayesha Rashan recently underwent a life-saving heart transplant in Chennai, India. The donor, a 69-year-old individual, provided the organ for the procedure.

The operation, which came at a cost of over INR 3.5 million (equivalent to approximately PKR 11,683,777.44), was made possible through the sponsorship of a non-governmental organization (NGO). After enduring a five-year wait, Ayesha finally received the transplant, bringing an end to her prolonged medical journey.

Expressing her relief, Ayesha shared her aspirations of completing her education in Karachi and pursuing a career in fashion design now that her health has improved. Her journey began in 2019 when she was initially taken to India following a cardiac arrest and heart failure. At that time, a senior cardiac surgeon recommended a heart transplant, and Ayesha was subsequently placed on a waiting list. In the interim, she was fitted with a left ventricular assist device to assist her heart in pumping blood.

Traveling to India for treatment

However, in 2023, Ayesha’s health took a turn for the worse as her heart began malfunctioning on the right side, and the heart pump she had been using developed a leak. Witnessing her daughter’s suffering, Ayesha’s mother, Sanobar, reached out to the surgeon in India for help. Despite financial constraints, the surgeon advised them to come to India for further treatment.

After careful consideration, Ayesha’s medical team concluded that a heart transplant was the only viable option. The procedure was successfully performed on January 31, and Ayesha was discharged from the hospital on April 17, marking a significant milestone in her recovery journey.

The financial burden of the procedure was alleviated by the generous support of the NGO Aishwarya Trust, along with contributions from medical professionals and former patients. Dr. Suresh Rao KG, co-director at MGM Healthcare’s Institute of Heart and Lung Transplant, explained that the decision to proceed with the transplant was made based on the good condition of the donor’s heart and the understanding that it was Ayesha’s only chance for survival.

With her health now stable, Ayesha has been cleared by her medical team and is preparing to return home.

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