Kim Kardashian and VP Harris discuss criminal justice reform at White House

Kim Kardashian made a return visit to the White House on Thursday, April 25th, where she met with Vice President Kamala Harris to advocate for criminal justice reform.

During the meeting, Vice President Harris unveiled a new rule from the Small Business Administration, aimed at easing loan restrictions for individuals with criminal records. She emphasized the significance of this change, stating that it would provide second chances and opportunities for people to excel.

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram story to express her excitement about the event, thanking Vice President Harris for the opportunity.

Furthermore, four out of the eleven individuals who were recently pardoned by President Biden were present at the meeting. They shared their personal stories with both Kardashian and Harris. Kardashian underscored the importance of amplifying these stories to inspire others facing similar circumstances.

Additionally, Kardashian reflected on her journey in advocacy, mentioning how her initial visit to the White House years ago for a clemency meeting had inspired her to pursue law and further her education in order to help others.

Overall, the meeting at the White House showcased a collaborative effort between Kardashian and Harris to address issues related to criminal justice reform, with a focus on providing opportunities for individuals with criminal records to reintegrate into society.

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