Nazish Jahangir spills the reason behind rejecting Babar Azam’s proposal

Actor Nazish Jahangir became embroiled in controversy following her remarks about a hypothetical marriage proposal from Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam.

The incident took place on Instagram, where Jahangir responded to a query about how she would react if Azam proposed to her. Her reply, “maaazarat hi karun gi” (I will excuse myself from the offer), triggered a backlash from Babar’s fans.

The criticism led Jahangir to switch her Instagram account from public to private to avoid further trolling. However, the situation escalated when a fake screenshot surfaced, falsely attributing harsh criticism to Jahangir directed at those trolling her for declining Babar’s supposed proposal.

Responding to the fabricated screenshot, Jahangir expressed disappointment at the behavior of the trolls, emphasizing her pity for them. Despite facing trolling and abuse, she maintained her stance, emphasizing the difference in caliber between herself and the trolls.

Jahangir clarified that her previous statement about Babar was misconstrued, asserting that she considers all national cricketers as brothers. She urged Babar’s fans to refrain from spreading negativity and reiterated her neutral stance towards cricketers.

Additionally, Jahangir reiterated her declaration of not marrying anyone from the showbiz industry, expressing a preference for a partner from outside Pakistan and a desire to settle abroad after marriage. She stated her intention to settle anywhere abroad, including the USA, Dubai, Canada, or the UK, if given the option.

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