Azim Azhar reveals why he deleted all Instagram posts and unfollowed everyone

Singer-songwriter Asim Azhar has sent ripples through his fan base with a surprising overhaul of his Instagram account. Just ahead of the highly anticipated release of his debut album, Azhar made the bold move to wipe his profile clean, deleting all previous posts and unfollowing every account he had been following.

In response to the confusion among his followers, Azhar offered an explanation for his actions. He described the social media cleanse as a symbolic gesture marking the beginning of a new chapter in his musical journey. With his debut album on the horizon, Azhar expressed a desire to start afresh, creating a clean slate for the next phase of his career.

In his own words:

While some fans drew parallels between Azhar’s actions and similar moves made by international pop sensation Taylor Swift, Azhar was quick to emphasize his admiration for Swift while asserting his own unique path in the industry.

While drawing inspiration from established icons like Swift is not uncommon, Azhar’s decision underscores the delicate balance that artists must strike between paying homage to their influences and carving out their own distinct identity.

With his bold move on Instagram, Azhar has certainly succeeded in capturing the attention of his fans and sparking anticipation for what promises to be an exciting new phase of his career.

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