Farah Iqrar spills shocking tea on Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage

Renowned Pakistani television personality and former news anchor Farah Iqrar, renowned for her captivating presence on screen, has now opened up about her personal life and thoughts on her husband, Iqrar Ul Hassan’s marriage.

In a recent appearance on the popular YouTube program Think Digital Podcast, Farah Iqrar peeled back the layers of her relationship with Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, Iqrar Ul Hassan’s first wife, labeling her as “very good.”

Reflecting on their past, she shared, “Everything happened with mutual consent.” Despite the passage of time and distance, Farah emphasized their continued amicable relationship, stating, “We used to meet with love and respect.”

Addressing queries about her living arrangements with Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, Farah remarked, “Living separately is okay because it avoids many fights and complications, given everyone’s different lifestyles.”

Turning to the topic of Iqrar Ul Hassan third marriage to Aroosa Khan, Farah admitted being initially unaware but expressed acceptance upon learning about it. “We now have another member in our family,” she noted.

She remarked on her changed perspective on polygamy, influenced by her study of the Quran. “I am a new person today, and I have no bad sentiments or grief over his desire to marry for the third time,” she affirmed.

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