Poll reveals over 70% of US voters support Israeli offensive in Rafah to defeat Hamas

A recent survey conducted by Harvard CAPS Harris revealed that an overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel launching an offensive in Rafah to bring an end to the conflict with Hamas.

The survey question asked respondents whether Israel should proceed with a military operation in Rafah to conclude the war with Hamas, making efforts to minimize civilian casualties despite inevitable casualties, or if it should refrain, allowing Hamas to maintain control over Gaza.

The results indicate that 72% of participants favor Israel advancing with the operation, while 28% advocate for stepping back and permitting Hamas to continue governing Gaza.

Furthermore, the survey found that 78% of respondents believe Hamas should be removed from power.

However, opinions vary on what should follow this removal, with 30% suggesting that Israel should oversee Gaza, 35% preferring the Palestinian Authority to assume control, and the remaining 35% supporting the establishment of a new authority involving Arab countries.

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