White House says ICC has no authority in Israel-Hamas war

Israel has expressed concern over the potential issuance of arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Israeli government officials regarding their actions in the conflict with Hamas.

The ICC is investigating the cross-border attack in Hamas on October 7th and Israel’s subsequent military response in Gaza. There are reports suggesting that the ICC might soon issue arrest warrants for senior Israeli government and military officials over Israel-Hamas war.

In response, Foreign Minister Israel Katz has warned Israeli embassies to enhance their security measures due to the perceived risk of increased antisemitism. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that ICC decisions will not influence Israel’s actions but could set a dangerous precedent.

Israeli officials fear arrest warrants could be issued against Netanyahu and others for alleged violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza. The ICC, based in The Hague, has jurisdiction over potential war crimes committed by both Hamas and Israeli forces.

Israel, not a member of the ICC, does not recognize its jurisdiction, while the United States, also not a member, opposes the investigation. A US spokesperson reiterated the US position, stating that “The ICC has no jurisdiction in this situation.”

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