Hira Tareen breaks silence on receiving death threats

Hira Tareen, known for her role in the hit show Ishq Murshid, has spoken out about receiving death threats due to her character portrayal. The actor shared her concerns on the YouTube show Something Haute, expressing her shock and frustration over the threats she’s been getting.

Playing a negative character on the show led to some viewers confusing her with her fictional persona, resulting in a disturbing trend of online harassment. Tareen received threatening messages, warning her of danger if she went out without proper security.

Speaking about the struggle actors face in a world where fiction and reality blur, Tareen said, “When I’ve been on YouTube, I’ve seen hateful comments that made me realize people struggle to separate actors from their characters.”

She revealed that the accounts sending the threats had no followers or profile pictures, making it hard to track them down. Despite the threats, Hira Tareen found comfort in the support of her fans.

Meanwhile, Tareen’s co-star Durefishan Saleem shines in the lead role of Ishq Murshid, captivating audiences with her stellar performance and adding depth to the drama’s cast.

It is pertinent to remember that actors are not their characters and that the roles they play don’t reflect their real-life beliefs.

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