Imran Abbas talks about actresses being jealous of his good looks

Imran Abbas, recognized for his striking appearance and talent in acting, has solidified his presence in the Pakistani entertainment industry for over two decades, with significant projects also in India.

Renowned not only for his charm but also for his thoughtful selection of roles and grounded attitude, Imran recently featured as a guest on Ramiz Raja’s show. He discussed various topics, including his upcoming projects and his views on beauty in the industry.

Are actresses jealous of his beauty?

In his candid interview, Imran Abbas gracefully addressed the question of whether actresses feel insecure about his good looks when working alongside him. His response was modest and respectful.

He expressed admiration for the beauty of all his co-stars, including prominent figures like Neelam Muneer, Sajal Aly, and Saba Qamar. Khan emphasized mutual respect and professionalism in his collaborations and hinted at an upcoming project with Sadia Khan.

Reflecting on the significance of beauty in love, Imran Khan shared his perspective on how affection transforms perception, transcending conventional standards. His thoughtful insights resonated with viewers, highlighting the profound impact of love on one’s perception of beauty.

Earlier, Nazish Jahangir urged seniors to drop their jealousy of young actors. She candidly discussed the jealousy she has encountered from certain senior actors, highlighting a troubling aspect of the industry.

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