Nawaz Sharif unhappy with Shahbaz Sharif’s administration, plans takeover

By Zehra Batool

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has declared his intention to reassert his influence in the country’s affairs, citing dissatisfaction with the current administration led by his brother, Shahbaz Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment with his brother’s governance, stating clearly that Shahbaz Sharif would merely hold the title of a minister without any real authority.

The announcement follows the controversial appointment of Ishaq Dar as the foreign and finance minister, fueling speculations that Dar is usurping decision-making authority.

Reports have emerged of key senators aligned with Nawaz Sharif refusing to assume their offices. However, compensatory measures are underway, with loyalists to Nawaz Sharif slated for induction into the federal cabinet.

These decisions are expected to be discussed during the upcoming Muslim League Noon party meeting scheduled for April 1st.

Nawaz Sharif to take charge

Insider sources hint at Nawaz Sharif’s readiness to actively engage in Pakistan’s politics, with his involvement expected to intensify in the near future.

The resurgence comes against the backdrop of purported discontentment with the government’s allegiance, a sentiment echoed by his daughter, Maryam Nawaz.

Whispers among political circles indicate that the collapse of the Muslim League Noon could mark the end of the party altogether.

Nawaz Sharif, once sidelined in politics, has shifted his focus to rebuilding the nation and revitalizing its economy. His renewed commitment to serving the country is shown by his efforts to convince the PPP party to join the cabinet, sharing the responsibility of guiding Pakistan through its current challenges.

Observers expect big changes in Pakistani politics as he returns, marking a major transition. Soon, Pakistan’s politics will see a noticeable shift.

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