Nimra Khan faces backlash for sharing unhygienic skincare routine

Actor and model Nimra Khan sparked a lively discussion about skincare routines as she shared her personal skincare routine on Mashion, a platform dedicated to beauty and fashion.

The routine, which involved the use of coconut oil for makeup removal and moisturizer application without washing the face, was met with criticism from some quarters.

The skincare routine shared by Nimra Khan also led to a widespread conversation about the importance of hygiene and the correct use of products in skincare routines.

What viewers think:

Nimra Khan
nimra khan
nimra khan

Many have pointed out that coconut oil, while beneficial for some skin types, can be comedogenic and may not be suitable for all.

Additionally, the importance of washing the face after using a wipe-over oil has been emphasized, promoting skincare cleanliness. This serves as a reminder that not all skincare routines are one-size-fits-all, and what works for one person may not work for another.

While Nimra Khan’s skincare routine was initially criticized, it has inadvertently led to a greater awareness of the importance of personalized and hygienic skincare. Before trying new routines or products, it’s crucial for individuals to seek professional advice.

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