UAE braces for another round of heavy rainfall

Recent extreme weather in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including devastating downpours on April 16, has prompted the nation to prepare for further heavy to moderate rainfall commencing Wednesday night.

Earlier this month, the UAE experienced severe thunderstorms, resulting in significant flooding and disruption, with Dubai receiving more rain in a few hours than it typically does in a year and a half.

This event marked the most substantial 24-hour rainfall in the country’s recorded history spanning 75 years.

Torrential rain expected

According to reports from Khaleej Times, additional bouts of torrential rain are expected, differing from the previous deluge.

A weather expert from the UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), Dr. Ahmed Habib, forecasted moderate to heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning and thunder in the coming days, with the peak anticipated on May 2 and 3.

Dr. Habib explained that the upcoming weather patterns, characterized by cloud formation in the south of Abu Dhabi and their gradual movement towards internal regions like Al Ain, will differ from previous occurrences.

Despite expectations of improved weather over Friday and Saturday as low pressure shifts southward, the possibility of light to moderate rain remains.

Wednesday night will introduce unstable weather conditions. The UAE will experience an extension of surface low pressure from the Red Sea and humid southeasterly winds.

Additionally, there will be a similar extension of low pressure in the upper atmosphere from the north.

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