UK-Pakistan alliance to explore green financing options

The British High Commission Development Director in Pakistan, Jo Moir, emphasized the necessity of bolstering cooperation between Pakistan and the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) across key sectors for socio-economic advancement during a meeting on Tuesday.

In discussions with Minister for Economic Affairs Ahad Khan Cheema, Moir pledged comprehensive support in exploring innovative green financing mechanisms to combat climate change and bolster social sector endeavors, in tandem with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The meeting, which included FCDO team leader Rizwan Azam and senior officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, was highlighted in a press release.

Moir delineated potential areas where the UK’s proficiency in public administration could be harnessed to enhance Pakistan’s bureaucratic capabilities.

Expressing gratitude for the robust partnership, Moir commended joint efforts to address pressing issues such as poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation, financing strategies, and the reinforcement of financial management and accountability measures.

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