Gujranwala school under fire: Buy bags only from us or kids face consequences

A Gujranwala school came under fire as a parent voiced concern over her child’s school enforcing the purchase of school bags from the institution itself. The policy stirred a conversation in a Facebook group named “Voice of Customer.” Many parents saw it as an unnecessary imposition.

The initial post, made by a concerned mother, highlighted the financial strain imposed by the school’s requirement to buy school bags directly from the institution. When pressed by a member of the group to identify the institution, she promptly revealed it to be The Smart School, Kamoke Campus in Gujranwala.

Original post:

gujranwala school

As the discussion unfolded, one member raised the question of repercussions for non-compliance, to which the original poster replied that her daughter was being punished by the school for not adhering to the policy.

gujranwala school

Many shared similar grievances

The post sparked a flurry of comments from parents expressing a range of emotions, from frustration to outright anger. Many parents shared similar grievances.

One parent lamented that their children’s school was expanding this policy to encompass not only school bags but also textbooks and uniforms, all of “poor quality.”

gujranwala school

Meanwhile, a dissenting voice emerged. A member defended the school’s policy, arguing that it promotes equality among students by eliminating the disparity caused by children bringing different types of bags to school. They posited that it enables focus on education rather than unnecessary competition based on material possessions.

gujranwala school

However, many parents countered that while the point of view may have merit, schools often prioritize profit over quality. They lamented that the school bags sold by institutions tend to be expensive and of poor quality, regardless of the purported aim of promoting equality.

As the discourse continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether The Smart School and other schools will address the concerns raised by parents or maintain their stance on the controversial policy.

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