Fans think Aymen Saleem looks like Kiara Advani

Pakistani actor and model Aymen Saleem, celebrated for her role in the widely-loved drama series Chupke Chupke, recently engaged with her fans during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Instagram.

Amidst so many questions and comments from her followers, one particular remark stood out. A follower made a striking observation, comparing Aymen Saleem’s appearance to that of Bollywood actor Kiara Advani.

The comment sparked a moment of delight for the Pakistani star, who graciously acknowledged the comparison. “She’s definitely one of my favorites from Bollywood, so that’s very sweet, thank you!” Aymen Saleem responded with a radiant smile.

The exchange between the Ibn-e-Hawwa starlet and her followers quickly gained traction among fans, with many expressing admiration for both actors and their respective talents.

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