Hina Rizvi breaks down due to public criticism of her wedding photos

In a recent interview with a digital magazine, actor Hina Rizvi opened up about the emotional toll of facing criticism and derogatory comments on her wedding photos shared on Instagram.

“Simply sharing my wedding pictures led to a flood of comments, both positive and negative. While the majority, around 95%, were sweet and supportive, the remaining 4-5% were hurtful remarks,” Rizvi revealed.

The Fairy Tale actor noted that these negative comments often came from fake accounts with no followers or posts, indicating a personal vendetta against her. It left her questioning why she was being targeted despite never causing harm to anyone.

hina rizvi

Addressing the ageist and body-shaming comments she received, particularly regarding her role as a mother in the drama series Habs, Rizvi expressed frustration. “Just because I play mature characters doesn’t mean I’m old. Comments insinuating that my husband looks like my son are absurd. Why is my marriage scrutinized when others in the industry face no such backlash?”

Hina Rizvi highlighted the double standards in society, where multiple marriages by others are accepted while hers is unfairly criticized. “Why am I singled out as if I’ve committed a sin?” she questioned.

It is pertinent to note that Hina Rizvi recently married theatre veteran Ammar Ahmed Khan in a small, private ceremony.

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