Ishq Murshid to return with two more seasons

The recent conclusion of Shahmeer and Shibra’s love saga in the series Ishq Murshid was accompanied by an announcement from writer Abdul Khaliq Khan, who revealed his plans for two more seasons.

In a recent interview, Khan outlined his vision, stating, “I have three storylines planned for this show. The first, already seen, features a boy overcoming obstacles for love. The second will focus on familial sacrifices, while the final story will explore a love transcending all, centered on devotion to Allah.”

Khan disclosed that his strong bond with the characters, especially Shameer/Fazal and Shibra, played by Bilal Abbas and Durefishan Saleem, was the driving force behind the inception of the series.

“The characters are the core of the show,” Khan emphasized, expressing gratitude for the positive reception from fans.

Season 1 finale of Ishq Murshid

The season 1 finale of Ishq Murshid premiered in cinemas, with stars Abbas and Saleem in attendance, before airing on television. However, fans were disappointed when the episode turned out to be a one-hour recap instead of the anticipated two-hour installment.

Social media buzzed with frustration, with one fan commenting, “I feel sorry for those who bought cinema tickets for this.” Another remarked, “The whole episode was a flashback.”

Despite the letdown, Khan’s promise of future seasons may revive excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the return of Ishq Murshid.

It may be recalled that at the said premiere, actor Durefishan Saleem faced an uncomfortable situation. In a shocking turn of events, a fan crossed the line and kissed her.

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