Iftikhar Ahmad Usmani breaks into tears while talking about love marriages

Iftikhar Ahmad Usmani, renowned for his portrayal of Kamali in the widely praised drama Parizaad, recently shared his perspective on love marriages during a podcast appearance.

Reflecting on the profound sacrifices mothers make for their children, particularly during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Usmani became visibly emotional.

Expressing doubt about how any bond could surpass the maternal connection forged through childbirth, Usmani vehemently opposed the concept of love marriages. He asserted that such unions often fail to accord women the respect they deserve, leading to acrimonious divorces.

Iftikhar Ahmad Usmani disclosed his personal reluctance to challenge his parents’ preferences regarding marriage, emphasizing the importance of parental choice in such matters.

His remarks have elicited diverse reactions from the public, sparking conversations about traditional values and modern relationships.

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