Mosque teacher arrested for raping a child in Larkana

A mosque teacher in Larkana was arrested on Thursday for allegedly sexually assaulting a 9-year-old student.

Baghan Chandio, the young boy’s father, revealed that his son and other children regularly attended the Khalid Bin Waleed mosque in Larkana, which is close to their home.

According to the FIR, a relative of Baghan caught the mosque teacher in the act. Baghan added that the religious teacher, who also belongs to the Chandio tribe, was discovered sexually assaulting the child when his brother and cousin came to the mosque for afternoon prayers.

“The teacher managed to flee,” Baghan disclosed.

In a conversation with a news outlet, the father shared that his son, a third-grade student at a primary school, was emotionally distressed following the incident.

Baghan also mentioned that the family of the accused tried to persuade them not to file a case, suggesting they settle the matter privately.

“We are facing pressure, but we will not let the man who destroyed my son’s life go unpunished,” the victim’s father declared tearfully.

A video of the incident spread rapidly on social media, leading to widespread condemnation of the incident and calls for the authorities to take severe action against the perpetrator.

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