Khalilur Rehman under fire for comparing men who demand dowry to ‘hijra’

During a recent appearance on a local television channel, renowned screenwriter and director Khalilur Rehman Qamar (KRQ) sparked controversy by advocating for love marriages, urging women to prioritize their physical appearance post-marriage, and drawing a controversial analogy between men who demand dowries and transgender individuals.

KRQ began by expressing his preference for love marriages, citing them as a solution to the societal issue of dowry culture. He emphasized that refusing dowries can foster genuine love between spouses, suggesting that a man who doesn’t demand a dowry from his wife demonstrates halfway toward true love.

In his remarks, Khalilur Rehman equated men who insist on dowries with the derogatory term ‘hijra,’ typically used against transgender individuals. Despite attempting to clarify that he meant no disrespect towards transgender people, KRQ’s analogy perpetuated misogyny and insensitivity.

Moreover, Khalilur Rehman offered marital advice, asserting that the responsibility of maintaining a happy marriage falls primarily on women. He emphasized the importance of women maintaining their physical appearance to retain their partners’ interest, inadvertently reducing women to objects of desire.

KRQ’s statements not only perpetuated patriarchal stereotypes but also marginalized transgender individuals and reinforced societal pressures on women. His remarks underscore the ongoing struggle to challenge entrenched gender norms and promote equality in Pakistani society.

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