Backlash hits Hum Style Awards 2024: Identity crisis and Met Gala wannabes

The Hum Style Awards 2024 recently stirred up a social media storm due to what many have labeled as “poor fashion sense” and “inappropriate styling.” Several stars found themselves at the center of criticism for their daring outfit choices.

In recent years, the Pakistani entertainment industry has witnessed a shift towards more revealing attire, raising concerns among traditionalists about the influence of Western culture.

The controversy surrounding the Hum Style Awards 2024 has reignited the debate about the appropriateness of such trends. Critics argue that some celebrities are straying too far from cultural norms in their pursuit of individuality.

Hum Style Awards or Met Gala?

Drawing comparisons to the iconic Met Gala held annually in New York City, some Pakistani celebrities seemed to have taken inspiration from the extravagant event.

Many treated the Hum Style Awards as their own version of the Met Gala. Hazim Bangwar, for instance, made headlines with a Met Gala-inspired look. The move was met with mixed reactions, with critics branding it as disrespectful.

The red carpet of the Hum Style Awards 2024 witnessed questionable fashion choices, ranging from confusing patterns to inappropriate lengths and bizarre combinations. Despite the event’s focus on style, many attendees seemed to have mistaken it for a costume party. It led to widespread criticism of their attire.

The Hum Style Awards controversy spotlights the clash between Westernization and cultural heritage in Pakistani fashion.

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