BJP candidate Madhavi Latha asks Muslim women to show face for ID check

Hyderabad, India: Kompella Madhavi Latha, a prominent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, is embroiled in controversy after a video surfaced showing her requesting burqa-clad Muslim women at a polling booth to reveal their faces for identity verification.

The incident, which has sparked widespread outrage, is set to escalate further as authorities prepare to file a police case against Latha.

The political battleground of Hyderabad’s fourth phase of Lok Sabha polls has intensified with Kompella Madhavi Latha locking horns with Asaduddin Owaisi, the seasoned four-time MP and leader of AIMIM.

District Election Officer Ronald Ross has condemned Latha’s actions, emphasizing that candidates lack the authority to conduct personal identity checks. Ross has confirmed that legal repercussions await Madhavi Latha for her alleged transgression.

Madhavi Latha sparks controversy

Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions surrounding the incident, with Asaduddin Owaisi sharing the viral video, albeit without immediate commentary.

In response, Latha has raised concerns about purported irregularities in the voter list, accusing authorities of negligence in identity verification procedures.

Politics runs deep in Hyderabad, and the Muslim population is significant. Madhavi Latha’s efforts to win over Muslim voters by highlighting BJP’s stance on issues like triple talaq and employment could be in jeopardy due to this controversy.

In another shocking incident recently, Ranjeet Bahadur Srivastava, a leader of the BJP, sparked controversy with remarks urging voters to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi if they wish to diminish the Muslim community.

“Vote for PM Modi if you want to destroy the breed of Muslims,” he stated. “Despite partition, the Muslim population is increasing in the country, and soon they will able to get a grip on the power through voting.”

Srivastava went on to say, “After the Lok Sabha elections, the party will bring machines from China to shave 10-12 thousand Muslims and later will force them to adopt the Hindu religion.”

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