Teenage girl allegedly burnt and beaten to death for marriage refusal

In a village near Liaqatpur, a 17-year-old girl faced severe violence at the hands of her family members, leading to her untimely demise, all because she dared to resist an arranged marriage proposed by her parents.

According to details revealed in the First Information Report (FIR) filed by ASI Jamil Malik and his team, the incident unfolded in Mauza Miyani Icha.

The victim, identified as a member of the Dobai Bloach clan and daughter of Atta Muhammad, reportedly faced extreme brutality from her own father and brothers in what appears to be a case of so-called “honor killing.”

Authorities were alerted to the grave situation when they received information while patrolling the area. Upon reaching the village graveyard, they discovered the victim’s lifeless body being hurriedly buried. Suspicion arose when those present failed to provide satisfactory explanations for her tragic demise.

Constable Nazish Batool, upon examining the body, discovered alarming signs of torture and burns on multiple parts of the victim’s body. The body was promptly transferred to the Taranda Muhammad Pannah Rural Health Centre for further examination through a postmortem procedure.

As the investigation deepened, chilling details emerged regarding the victim’s recent history. It was revealed that she had previously eloped with someone from another village, only to be brought back following the intervention of local authorities.

Matters escalated when her family attempted to arrange her marriage against her wishes on May 10, leading to a vehement refusal from the young girl.

Enraged by her defiance, her father, Atta Muhammad, along with accomplices including Muhammad Asif, Arshad, and Amjad, allegedly resorted to extreme measures, resulting in her tragic demise. Authorities have assured swift action, vowing to apprehend the suspects once the postmortem report is finalized.

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