Alizeh Shah claps back at trolls: ‘Still looked better than the people sitting at home’

Alizeh Shah, a renowned actor, caused a stir at the Hum Style Awards 2024 with her daring fashion choice, sporting a short black dress adorned with faux fur. However, her bold ensemble sparked a flurry of criticism on social media, with many expressing disapproval of her outfit.

Despite facing backlash, Shah remained unapologetic, defiantly responding to her critics on Instagram with a confident message. The backlash against Alizeh Shah was swift and severe, with some drawing comparisons between her and Indian actress Uorfi Javed, known for her unconventional fashion sense.

Having none of it, Alizeh Shah took to social media and clapped back at haters. “Still looked better than the people sitting at home typing nonsense,” the actor wrote in an Instagram Story.

alizeh shah

Shah’s experience shows how celebrities face cyberbullying and double standards. They are pressured to conform to both conservative and fashion-forward expectations. Her fearless response emphasizes that celebrities are human and deserve to express themselves without fear of judgment.

It is pertinent to note that the Hum Style Awards 2024 recently stirred up a social media storm due to what many have labeled as “poor fashion sense” and “inappropriate styling.” Several stars found themselves at the center of criticism for their daring outfit choices.

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